Thursday, March 6, 2008

Family for a better life

There is one house with not very much kitchen wear in it. There are six families live in the house and share everything together as one big family. They do not have regular work, but work for the owner of the sugar cane land owner. They are very friendly to everyone.

Among the 6 families, there is a school boy who is 12 years old and study in grade 4 in one of the migrant school along Thai-Burma border. He only has 2 clothes in his life. He doesn’t have a school uni-form. But he is not shy going to school as he keen on learning thing and have a higher education in his life even through he doesn’t have much support.

Friendship Bridge

There is a land; it does not belong to Thailand and no to Burma. The place located in between these two counties in Moi River. Before, Thailand used to claim for the land, but Burma doesn’t agree on the claim. Burma would like to have the land as well.

There are a lot of street children around the area. They are asked to bed for thing and money to support their family. They do not go to school instead they have to work in their early age. They do not have the chance to enjoy their childhood life and do not have any child rights. All they know is listening to what their parents or gardiances ask them to do for.

Some foreigners give money to the children in order not being disturbed and some feel pity. There are also some visitors are being angry to the children.