Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sanction in Burma

Burma know as Myanmar's economic situation is not getting better. Myanmar is consider in the group of World Least Development list. Myanmar has nothing good under the SPDC control but the people and the rich of natural resources.

Myanmar's economy is based on argriculture. Farmers from Myanmar are a very hard working people. In these hard times, under SPDC control, farmers provided enough rice to the whole country and can even export to the international communities without much support from the government.

Government only know how to get more from the farmer and gives less. When you study Myanmar's economy closely you will be amazed. Farmer struggle very hard throughout the year. They do not care whether it is raining or a sunny sky. The only thing that they have in mind is, to plant rice and harvest the best rice at the end of the year. Farmer may not have much money left at the end of the year, but they are happy year to year.

As the industrial world, there are a lot of companies trade with Myanmar. Rapidly, there are a lot of industries built in Myanmar. The companies benifit both for cheap labor and good natural resources. Not only that, the companies pay less tax to the SPDC government and do not need to provide any benifit to the worker only have the agreement in the paper.

Farmers sell out their land to the government and to other rich people then choose to go to the city and work in the factory. They have more money than working as a farmer.

Burmese people choose to work in the factory more and more each day. They hope that, their life will be better one day as they can save some money compare with their other job.
Once, international communities cutted sanction in Myanmar to help people in Myanmar for the political change. At this point the COB talked a lot about the sanction and most were a gree with the sanction. Many believe that, sanction will bring in some development in Myanmar and the SPDC government will change some administration in the government. But, SPDC government give the smile instead of changing the policy.
It is nothing to do with the government when international put sanction on Myanmar. It does not bring any changes to Myanmar politic or economic. The one who affect are, workers in Myanmar. When the company close down, there are a lot employee lose their job. Even when they go back to their village, there is no farm for them to do farming.

It Was Snow Finally, AUSTIN

It is no snow at all in Austin(TX). Compare with any other city, the Austin weahter is warmer. When there was snow in Dallas(TX) and to all 49 state, but it was sunny in Austin

You may not believe in what was happen yesterday. It was snow. Everyone, enjoyed seeing the snow. For those who had day off, they palyed on the ground and feft the touch of snow. And for who was in the office, they went out of the office and took a looked.

There were several snow balls took place infront of some houses. That was a happy day and very special for Austin city.

People took out their phone and took the pic. It was hard to capture the snow. Because it was small and white.

Wow, you may not belive in that, today Feb/23/2009 it is sunny. Who will belive in what's happen to Austin city yesterday. It is liked magic.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Respect, care and sympathy

In my village(Karen State) when we heard the dog barked, one sense that came into all of our mind was, run for your life. If not or you were late and left behind you would be killed or being a porter or being force labor by the Government soldiers.

The land where we grew crop was very close by the Government soldiers based. We were scare and afraid to go, but for our meal we had to. We did not speak too loud. We were worry that the soldiers would hear. We had to live quietly and be prepared of ourselves at every second. That was how we lived.

That became our habit. We hardly change that kind of behaviour. Me, myself I know that I must change my behaviour, but I can not. I am still afraid and scare of the living condition here in US. People speak too loud.

From the backgroud without any opportunities to express your mind or speak up, we gained no selfconfidence. I do not know about laws and constitutions. It is like, you won a lottor, but do not know how to cash out or you lost your receipt.

One honest thing with me is, I do not know much about the bus route. I only know route 10. That is the bus I take to go to work.

If people like me is still stupid, for those who do not go to school since they were kid it may be some kind of a hard life for them to live a long with the community here.

We need a lot of people to care, to sympthy and to understand us more.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bad and Good things come along

I do not know how to cook 3 cheeses melt. And I am so worry that I will burn the berger buns when I cook it.

Many people have different ways of cooking berger. I can not follow all of them. Mae teached me different way to cook. She is a great lady. I really like her. I feel like she is the best of all. She always smile and respect everyone. That is very nice of her. Whenever I make a mistake, she said that, you will learn.

My supervisor told me that, do not let thing scare you. You will be okay.

1) learn different ways of cooking berger
2) You will learn ( this word give me strenth to try hard and be good at cooking)
3) Fried

I know that no one is perfect, but why am I the one who make a lot of mistake? I wish not to make any mistake again in the grill area.