Friday, September 3, 2010

LIfe Is Totally Different

We are from Burma. Because of the on going civil war between the ethinic minority grup and the military regime, we fled out of Burma and enter Thailand for our life safety.

We were a refugee for more than 20 years in Thailand. There was no hope, no future, no life at all. We only relied on out sider support especiall from TBBC and UNHCR.

In the year 2006 under UNHCR arrangement, we have got the opportunity to apply for resetteling to the third country.

There were a lot of refugees from all the camps along the Thai-Burma border decided to move to the third world. From all what we saw from the American movie life is so perfect.

But, we came to see that, life in a huge and developed country is so expensive. For those who do not know the language it is so hard for them to adapt the life style.