Monday, May 19, 2008

Once A year Chin Picnic Party

I went to the Chin Picnic with my neighbour Chin family. It took 1 hour from Dallas. There were not only Chin from Dallas, Chin people gather from different cities and there were around 200.They are very kind and nice to me. There was a short worship before the picnic time. The worship program was in Chin language so, I hardly understood nothing. I just sat and listened to the one who gave speech. The only two words that I know was, Cyclone Nargis and Burma.

I was introduced by the people. I had learnt something that, I am the only Buddhist among them and Karen.

I enjoyed talking with Chin people who can speak Burmese. I was very hungry and waited for dinner time as I did not eat much for my breakfast and there are no shop that sell snack nor meal. I was pretty sure that, I was not the only one who was hugry, there were a lot of adult and children were hungry. We had dinner at 8:00PM and left the place at 8:55PM.

There were a short pray before we left. I was sad that, the pastor told me to convert to a christian family as he found out that I am a buddhist.