Monday, May 19, 2008

Once A year Chin Picnic Party

I went to the Chin Picnic with my neighbour Chin family. It took 1 hour from Dallas. There were not only Chin from Dallas, Chin people gather from different cities and there were around 200.They are very kind and nice to me. There was a short worship before the picnic time. The worship program was in Chin language so, I hardly understood nothing. I just sat and listened to the one who gave speech. The only two words that I know was, Cyclone Nargis and Burma.

I was introduced by the people. I had learnt something that, I am the only Buddhist among them and Karen.

I enjoyed talking with Chin people who can speak Burmese. I was very hungry and waited for dinner time as I did not eat much for my breakfast and there are no shop that sell snack nor meal. I was pretty sure that, I was not the only one who was hugry, there were a lot of adult and children were hungry. We had dinner at 8:00PM and left the place at 8:55PM.

There were a short pray before we left. I was sad that, the pastor told me to convert to a christian family as he found out that I am a buddhist.


Kheelar said...

one thing Christians should not do is forcefully convert others into the a Christian myself, i'd like to share with you my faith if you're willing to know more about it.. but if you adamant about being who you are and what you believe than i won't push you for it. we have to accept our friends or our neighbors for who they are and what they believe in. my dad was a practising Bhuddist and was on his way to become a monk before he met my Christian mother. But, she didn't force him to convert. He was the one who'd like to know more about the Christian faith so he researched and seek God himself. my paternal grandma is a strong Bhuddish who goes to the temple every morning to worship Bhudda and meditate.. hey, she does what Bhudda preached so I'm totally happy with her belief.

Kheelar said...

it's great to have friends who speak the same language as you and being surrounded by people from the same country as you is very comforting. If you're a newcomer to a foreign country the first people you want to see is your own people. i wonder isn't there any Karen community in the state of Texas?