Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lovely Pot

There is a pot. Without it, some people will have difficulty for preparing their family meal. Beside the farm, this is how some people cook for their meal on the ground. The view will be nice and people may think to have the chance to cook like this for one time or more.

You may not know how hard is life here. With small pot there are 6 families cook their meal and share it together.

At last I want to say that; thank you my lovely pot.

Behind Something

This is not for camping, this is not for fun, this is real life. We all may not have the same feeling, but mostly of the people from.................. if they see this kind of cooking pot,,,, they will miss something left behind.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Angle

Song can present your feeling when you dare not to tell how you feel on the girl you love. If the girl that you love like to listen music, it is a very good way to sing the song for her.

She will feel the meaning of the song. More and more she will undersand and care you more.

It may not true from your point of view, but.............. Hey friend, how do you think?

Lovely Friend

Here you may see another view from young guys.

It is not nice, but just for remembrance. Hope for a better day and try our best.

There will be a lot of thing need to be done. Why don't we come up together and do it.


Sometime, you may do something that will please other people. That is life. No one is perfect. You are not a lone in this world. When you come into this life, you may need to act or try to live as other people do.

My friend, you are right. Friends are forever. I am lucky that I have you as my freind.


Some people may like to do the same thing, but some are not. When you share the same idea, you can form a team and follow the dream together. So... my friend you are expert and you are perfect. Just follow your dream and you will reach your dream one day. We are here to cheer you up.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pray for God

I think i know this Man, he was the first client i met when i started working with JRS. And i can tell you how horrilbe i felt after listening to his daily struggles near the gigantic garbage pile in Mae Sot. And i still remember not only JRS gave him the office assistence, but i also give him some of my own food to take home for his kid. Seeing how happy he was for some of the food he received, i felt so sorry and pity for them. And the smile that he gave me was an best ever smile i have seen in my life. Unfortunately, we could not helped him regularly because he was not qualified as a refugee :-(( However,I felt really good about myself after that day because it made me realised how i have been blessed in my life when i compared my life to those of the people (in your pictures). I have been thinking for a long time and still i need someone to tell me if it is morally right or wrong because there must be someone suffering much more than we do, in order to make ourselves realised how lucky we have been in this world. So, when i see this picture, i can't help myself not to give commmnets. what i simply want to say is, it has been exactly two year after meeting this man. For me there has been many changers in my life in different ways. But for this poor Man, i am pretty sure he still lives never the garbage pile and still collecting what could be useful from what others throw away. But, he is a very talented person. if my memory serves me correclty, he knows how to fix old stuff such as TV and Radio. Although he lost one leg, he could do well and still could find ways to support his family. isn't that amazing? May GOD always be with him and his family and ease them from the pains and hardship they are suffering. Amen. God! i really thank you for giving this life and please let me be satisfied with whatever i have. Amen

From one of my best friend;
Thanks a lot for your........

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday To You

We do not cerebrate our Birthday. We do not see that very often. As for me, since I was a child and till now I never cerebrate my birthday. And when people talk about my birthday I feel strange and feel shy. I do not know why I have that kind of feeling.

But for the one who I care, I want them to be happy in their special day.

23, Jan, 2008 is my younger sister birthday. I want to send her something, but it is too late for me to. Coz, today is already 20, Jan, 2008.

In the next year I will try to be a good sister. For this year I just want to say that;

Happy Birthday & May all your wishes come true

Friday, January 11, 2008

Free Act

I feel very happy and feel free. All the sadness and tiredness go away from me. The children are so cute. Their school located in the middle of the farm and also far away from the city. The teachers are very nice and kind to the children. They put all of their effort just only for the children.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Study on the ground

There are some students. All of them are from the migrant worker family. The study place start by one monk. The concept of letting the children to come and study at the monastery is; to let the children grew up with a basic education as most of their parents do not know how to read and write.

Small Camp

Small migrant area from some where in the world. The area located not very far from the city.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Under the Sky Blue and White Cloud

There are some people who lives here. They do not have much choice to choose. The children have school to go for a better future.
They have water well, but the water is not clean.