Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lucky or unlucky

No experiences in the work field, I am lucky that my co-workers are kind and nice to me expecially my supervisor.

I don't know why I forget to put ham when I cook omelt and add oil on the buns when I cook hamberger. In addtional, not very good at cooking 3 cheeses melt. I am so sorry for the lady I cooked for this morning. I do not know whether she likes it or not.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good news and Bad life

People said, it is good to pay the tax to the government. Mean the government can take care of the administaion fee, use the budget for the infrastruture and help low income family with some basic need. And again once you are retired, the government will take care of you and give you monthly support which we all know as PENSION.

If you study the government tax system, starting in January 2010, 2 tax items are increased in bill payment.

Base on the Cricket bill payment, there are 7 tax payment iteams from 2009, and in January 2010 it has 9 items to pay for the tax.

We have

TX state Tax
Austin city tax
Austin MTA
TX Equalization Surc
TX 911 Wireless Serv
Texas Universal Serv
Federal USF Fee

And now we have
TX state Tax
Austin city tax
Austin MTA
TX Equalization Surc
TX 911 Wireless Serv
Texas Universal Serv
Federal USF Fee
Federal TRS Fund
FED Regulatory Fee

I do not know whether it is good or bad. I wish it is a good sign for our future.

When I was in Burma, I had leant that we were forced to pay tax to the Armed groups, SPDC, but in return we get back nothing.

In Burma know as Myanmar, if the government increase the salary to the government employee, not other dialy worker nor self employ then you come to know that the price in the marketing will increase. As a daily worker, your salary is not increase, but you have to follow the flow of the increase marketing price as same as the government employee.

Is it the same idea that, the goverment double the fund for the new arrival refugee and increase tax items?

I do not go to school. I do not study much. I love to read and like to write. When something come into my mind, I really want to write then I login to my blog then I start to write. I sometime worry that I will make a mistake. But, I determind myself to write a lot. I plan to go back to school when I have a chance. After that, I will come back and read my blog and the idea that I have written before I study.

I want to request my friends and other who has read my blog, please kindly give me a comment both my idea and the grammer.

Taxation comes from socialist idea. Taxation comes out off your salary, bill payment and purchasing stuff. Tax is everywhere in everything.

Wow, I do not know how to end it. Politic is very difficult to understand. I want to say something a lot more, but I don't know how to express it in word as my vocab and English is to much poor compare with others.

Comment please!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You Are The One

In your life you might meet so many men. Always know that, there is a speical one for you. You will meet him at the right time and in the perfect life frame.
But you may never know, when.
I had found him. It was like a dream to me. I do not think that there will be a man for a girl like me in this world. But I was wrong when I met him.
Both him and I, had passed a very terrible life time. Tear, sadness and loneliness was with us for so many months until we recovered.
After all, we have reach the life with full of happiness and very glad that we have each other.

Monday, January 25, 2010

For The One I Love

People said, we are human being. All human being are equal. We are all the same no matter where are you from, what do you eat, what is your culture.

But when you come into love affair, as an Asian girl from a very remote area(Deep in the jungle) you are not very confidence to express your love to the special man even though you have lived in a foreign country for long. All you do is, you talk to him nicely, call him when you feel he rarely call you. Text him after your work. Look at the gift that you gave you.

The gift represent him even though you know he is not around you. You are happy when you take a look at the gift. The gift that he gave you, it mean a lot for your life and very valueable and you could not compare with any other thing in the world.

Whenever your phone ring, you wish it is from him. If it is not from him, you do not even want to pick up the phone even it is from your parents. The feeling that you have for him is so specail.

That love that you keep for the one who does not know that you love him it is hard. But I am happy to have him close, talk to him sometime on the phone, text him, exchange gift share our happy time.

Let me keep my love that I have loved you from the past, today, tomorrow and forever deep insdie my heart. I will live with the love that I have for you. I promise not to disturbe you. But I am hoping very much that you love me in return. If you do so, I will be the luckiest girl in this world to have won the love from the one you have loved since the day we met.

I will help you, can you help me????

While Karen people who resettle to the third country struggle very hard to pay for the rent, utilities bill and many other bill, some even have to move State to State to get a job in order to support their family in the same time, Karen people how left inside Burma, under the military offensive, no food to eat as their rice banks are destroyed, the whole village is burnt down, villagers are murdered, tortured, being abuse and it is even worse that men are forced to be a porter by the SPDC armed force.

I am going to help you, can you help me in return?

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Purple Life

Purple is her favorite color after all. When she was a high school girl, she has 2 or 3 colors as her favorite one. Her life had changed after the first love left her in a deep pain.
As she is not a girl who loves to talk about what she can do or over act, then it is hard for people to know her real life and get to know her qualification.
More over, she is a girl who is calm and quiet in public area. It is nothing wrong with the Karen girl being quiet in a public as our culture is different from the west.
One very good thing about her is, she never play a game with love. She respect love and care the one she loves too much. Believe it or not, as I am her best friend, I know a lot about her especially in dealing with her love affair, she may never lie or betray her beloved(boyfriend) no matter what's gonna happen. That is the sweet thing about her.
Ther are still a lot of good things about her which I could not measure all.
I just want to let know that, my friend... be who you are,one day your beloved one will see the goodness and the faithfulness inside your heart.

Future Soul

He is such a cute and sweet man. I have never seen such a man like him before in my life.

I am so lucky that I have found him to be my soul mate.

We sometime do not share the same idea, but we have the same passion feeling that we two love each other very much.

This is the beginning of life. There is a long way to go.

The only thing that I want to say is that, our life simple. I believe that, simple is better.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am lost

Before I start working at St.David Medical Center, I think I can speak a little bit English. But I am wrong when I get there.

First, I do not understand the way people speak. It is very different from what I have learn how to speak.

Second, people do not understand and do not hear me as I speak with a low voice as I am scare I will use the wrong words. All I do is, smile. I just give a sweet and big smile to my co-workers.

Last, I am lost in the middle of the people. Most of my co-workers are big and tall. One of my co-worker call me shortty as he is tall and big. His one arm is as big as my two arms come together.

Omelet and Screamble Egg

With no experience at work, I am still lucky that I have the chance to work at the food line, learn some stuff if you will work at the food register.

One day, I was trainned to cook in the grill. One man order Omelet and I cooked Screamble egg instead. That was such a shameful. I learnt from my experience.

There will be the time for me to come. I just need more time to pratice. I will learn.