Friday, January 22, 2010

A Purple Life

Purple is her favorite color after all. When she was a high school girl, she has 2 or 3 colors as her favorite one. Her life had changed after the first love left her in a deep pain.
As she is not a girl who loves to talk about what she can do or over act, then it is hard for people to know her real life and get to know her qualification.
More over, she is a girl who is calm and quiet in public area. It is nothing wrong with the Karen girl being quiet in a public as our culture is different from the west.
One very good thing about her is, she never play a game with love. She respect love and care the one she loves too much. Believe it or not, as I am her best friend, I know a lot about her especially in dealing with her love affair, she may never lie or betray her beloved(boyfriend) no matter what's gonna happen. That is the sweet thing about her.
Ther are still a lot of good things about her which I could not measure all.
I just want to let know that, my friend... be who you are,one day your beloved one will see the goodness and the faithfulness inside your heart.

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