Monday, January 25, 2010

For The One I Love

People said, we are human being. All human being are equal. We are all the same no matter where are you from, what do you eat, what is your culture.

But when you come into love affair, as an Asian girl from a very remote area(Deep in the jungle) you are not very confidence to express your love to the special man even though you have lived in a foreign country for long. All you do is, you talk to him nicely, call him when you feel he rarely call you. Text him after your work. Look at the gift that you gave you.

The gift represent him even though you know he is not around you. You are happy when you take a look at the gift. The gift that he gave you, it mean a lot for your life and very valueable and you could not compare with any other thing in the world.

Whenever your phone ring, you wish it is from him. If it is not from him, you do not even want to pick up the phone even it is from your parents. The feeling that you have for him is so specail.

That love that you keep for the one who does not know that you love him it is hard. But I am happy to have him close, talk to him sometime on the phone, text him, exchange gift share our happy time.

Let me keep my love that I have loved you from the past, today, tomorrow and forever deep insdie my heart. I will live with the love that I have for you. I promise not to disturbe you. But I am hoping very much that you love me in return. If you do so, I will be the luckiest girl in this world to have won the love from the one you have loved since the day we met.

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