Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It Was Snow Finally, AUSTIN

It is no snow at all in Austin(TX). Compare with any other city, the Austin weahter is warmer. When there was snow in Dallas(TX) and to all 49 state, but it was sunny in Austin

You may not believe in what was happen yesterday. It was snow. Everyone, enjoyed seeing the snow. For those who had day off, they palyed on the ground and feft the touch of snow. And for who was in the office, they went out of the office and took a looked.

There were several snow balls took place infront of some houses. That was a happy day and very special for Austin city.

People took out their phone and took the pic. It was hard to capture the snow. Because it was small and white.

Wow, you may not belive in that, today Feb/23/2009 it is sunny. Who will belive in what's happen to Austin city yesterday. It is liked magic.

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