Monday, February 1, 2010

Bad and Good things come along

I do not know how to cook 3 cheeses melt. And I am so worry that I will burn the berger buns when I cook it.

Many people have different ways of cooking berger. I can not follow all of them. Mae teached me different way to cook. She is a great lady. I really like her. I feel like she is the best of all. She always smile and respect everyone. That is very nice of her. Whenever I make a mistake, she said that, you will learn.

My supervisor told me that, do not let thing scare you. You will be okay.

1) learn different ways of cooking berger
2) You will learn ( this word give me strenth to try hard and be good at cooking)
3) Fried

I know that no one is perfect, but why am I the one who make a lot of mistake? I wish not to make any mistake again in the grill area.

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Laurina said...

You may make mistakes with your burgers but your English is excellent!